Works on Constructed Identity
Introspection: Ireland as Influence, Burren College of Art
Ballyvaughan, Ireland, 2016

Ode to Ireland
Mixed Media on Canvas

To What Extent Does Our Constructed Identity Obscure Our Perception Of Objective Reality?
Digital Photography & Paint

"We create the world that we perceive, not because there is no reality outside our heads, but because we select and edit the reality we see to conform to our beliefs about what sort of world we live in. For a man to change the basic beliefs that determine his perception, he must first become aware that reality is not necessarily as he believes it to be." Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind

Live Performance & Residual Painting

By painting the projected self, I'm both disrupting and mirroring my own externalized identity. In this way, the paint facilitates an investigation of the construction of self.

"The mirror stage is not the beginning of something, but the interruption – the loss, the lack, the division – which initiates the process that 'founds' the differentiated subject, and this depends not alone on the instantaneous formation of some internal cognitive ability, but on the dislocating rapture of the look from the place of the Other." Paul du Gay, Jessica Evans, Peter Redman, Identity: A Reader

"The child, at an age when he is for a time, however short, outdone by the chimpanzee in instrumental intelligence, can never the less already recognize as such his own image in a mirror." Jacques Lacan, 1977

"...the very image which places the child divides its identity into two." Paul du Gay, Jessica Evans, Peter Redman, Identity: A Reader

PBS NewsHour, October 12th, 2000
Live Performance & Residual Painting

I grew up watching PBS NewsHour with my parents. I would sit right in front of the TV. They would sit farther back on the couch, listening or commenting. Sometimes they got mad at the newscasters. I usually didn't understand why.

How did I learn the world? Was it by tracing the TV over and over again?

How did you learn the world?

the only constant is change, and that means that i am always changing, too
Digital Photography, Paint & Thread