Lost & Found
Clio Berta & Hannah Berta
Camden Public Library Amphitheater
Camden, ME, 2017

Featured in PenBay Pilot

Lost & Found combined a string performance with an interactive art installation to create an engaging realm in which audience members were called on to explore the cyclical, bittersweet, endless passing of time. Upon entering the amphitheater, guests received packets of watercolored question sheets and programs. Before the music began, they wrote their answers to questions like, "How do cycles show up in your relationships?" and "What does home mean to you?" They then tied their thoughts to ribbons hanging alongside the cut paper installation. 

Lost & Found was a one-night only event that drew an audience of more than one hundred people.

Composed by Clio Berta

Performed by Fiona Boyd, Charlie O'Brien, Kat O'Brien, Nathan Hillman, and Warren Galloway

Art Installation by Hannah Berta

Co-Produced by Lucy Phipps-Kaye and Katherine McGrath

Special Thanks to Eva Redamonti, Geoffrey C. Parker, Sue & Hugh White, Laura Evans, The Watershed School, Frannie & Matt Berta

Documentation Courtesy of Geoffrey C. Parker